Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a Tether Mixer service?

The way Tether transactions work causes them to be permanently public. In other words, they are traceable along the blockchain from one Tether address to another. Our mixing service can be used to mix your Tethers with other's, with the intention of confusing the trail back to the original source. Therefore, Tether mixing service helps protect privacy of your Tether transactions.

How does a Tether Mixer work?

We have already prepared clean Tethers USDT for you. All you need to do is fill the form containing list of your outputs (the address where anonymized coins will be sent) and send required amount of Tether to the address we will provide you. The clean mixed tethers will then be sent back to you automatically. You can send any number of transactions to our input Tether address.

On which networks can I mix my USDT Tether?

At the moment, we will only support Tether USDT processing on the Ethereum ERC20 network

Are Tether Mixer, Tether Blender, Tether Tumbler the same thing?

Yes, those are all differents names for the same services.

How long does it take to Mix Tether USDT?

Most of the time it is almost instantaneous, however the service load on the ethereum blockchain may delay the transactions for few minutes.

Do you charge any fees?

Yes, in order to keep the service running, we have to charge a little amount of fees, going from 1% to 3% depending of what you choose to give us.

Are there any limits to Mix Tethers?

Yes, in order to keep the service smooth, we do not mix transactions inferior to 20 USDT. Also, to be certain to honor our customers' orders fast, we have a maximum limit of 200000 USDT.

What happen if my computer crashes during the Mixing process?

If you haven't transferred your Tether to our Tether address yet, then just create a new order. However, if you already sent your Tethers to our address - don't worry, it will be mixed and cleaned, then sent to your ouput addresses.

How can I contact you?

Our team is available almost all around the clock ! you can contact us via our Contact Page.